Choosing a color is as easy as pressing play

— BEHR, Katy Perry Music in Color

Inspired by the way singer-songwriter Katy Perry experiences music and its connection to color, Music in Color by BEHR Paint is an all-new color selector tool helping people discover personalized paint color recommendations through their favorite songs across the entire Spotify music library.

Combining Spotify’s streaming intelligence and the freshly bold array of paint colors from Katy Perry’s exclusive color palette by BEHR, users can unleash an entirely new way of approaching the color selection process by using music as the guide to make DIYers' inspiration a reality. The campaign is accompanied by the new film “Katy in Color,” showing the relationship between music and the colors that Katy experiences, as well as across social through augmented reality experiences on Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, letting everyone discover and share color through music.


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