Albums Credits for the Streaming Age

— Recording Academy, Behind the Record

Music streaming platforms are a godsend. All your favorite tunes are right there, just a click away. Unfortunately, this shift to digital wasn’t good for everyone.

Album credits disappeared, and with them, the people who work “behind the record” – the millions of engineers, session musicians, mixers, producers, and others whose artistry and expertise help make great records great.

With this campaign, we brought them out from behind the record – literally, by giving them credit on the front. More than 3,000 artists participated, happy to give some overdue public recognition to their valued collaborators. Artists like Billie Eilish, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, The Jonas Brothers, Anderson Paak, and many more. The press took notice. And Pandora responded by adding credits to their platform.

Sure, you’re thinking — but it must have cost a fortune. Actually, it didn’t cost a dime. How’s that for a sweet melody?


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